The path to higher employee satisfaction and increased productivity

I’m interested in EMU

You’ve been there...

Your coworkers leave unexpectedly or for minor reasons

It’s usually not just one small thing that leads a dissatisfied employee to hand in their notice, but a greater accumulation of them strung together.

Productivity is low

It’s almost impossible for a person to be really motivated and give their 100% without feeling good at work. This is true for each and every one of us.

There is a lack of engagement in the company

A dissatisfied employee doesn’t think about greater team involvement or how the quality of their work may impact their coworkers or clients. They just want to get it over and done with.

Absences are more frequent

If something disinterests us or causes us stress, we tend to either consciously or subconsciously shy away from it. Breaks are a welcome solution.

Satisfaction at work matters
4 as much than pay and benefits.*

* The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intent - The Social Science Journal

Increasing satisfaction isn’t easy

Cultivating satisfaction seems simple,
but the opposite is true

We often focus only on some with satisfaction most frequently connected areas. However, really functional care of satisfaction desires a lot of effort and everyday deployment. It includes a lot of listening, sensation, solution and support.
The amount of the reward or benefits are then only an icing on the cake.

The common approach to building satisfaction

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Career development

The real foundation of satisfaction

  • I understand my work
  • I enjoy my work
  • My manager understands and solves my problems
  • I'm well informed
  • I get on well with my manager
  • I'm heard

It seems simple to understand, know, and problem-solve, but it isn’t ...

60 % of employees believe their communication with managers to be insufficient
60 % of managers consider communication with employees demanding
70 % of managers feel that communicating with their employees is challenging
70 % of employees don't want to participate in annual staff satisfaction surveys

With EMU ...

I am able to quickly and easily gain awareness of real-time employee moods

Employees don’t have to put in a second thought

EMU measures emotions - all the user has to do is tap an icon and express what’s annoying or delighting them

Managers don’t have to be consistently attentive

EMU sends you automatic reminders without you having to set anything up or create a system

I can gain plenty of facts to make informed decisions

Everything in one place

Your team’s real-time moods, emotions, struggles, and successes are always available

Full context at all times

All of the relevant pieces of information are interlinked and constantly up-to-date

In-depth analysis

Intricate connections can be hard to see which is why advanced algorithms do the work for you

I can problem-solve easily without overlooking anything

Solutions right in the app

With EMU it’s easy and enjoyable to start solving problems immediately and directly

Automatic notifications

Staying on top of everything can be demanding, this is where automatic notifications are a big help

Open communication

Honest communication can reveal information that’s important and may often be hidden