Main features

So you easily learn about every problem or opportunity
solve it and get on well with one another

Emoticons and impulses

The easiest way to share what annoys or delights me. I can also share the impulse with a different manager, even anonymously when needed. Few seconds suffice.


It always starts with some emotions. We all have them.


Topic makes it possible to categorise impulses.


Helps us to understand better.

Solutions right in EMU

Start communication about a particular impulse.

Team overview

How are my colleagues? Do they feel the same as me? Everything important in one place.. Well-arranged according to teams. Real or virtual ones.


Current activity and mood always available.

Colleagues' latest moods

To speak with the colleague or the boss? To know their mood comes in handy.

Reverberant topics

Information that colleagues mention the most.

Automatic reports and reminders

In an ideal world, we put our brain to everyhing immediately and continuously and keep several details in our mind. World is not ideal, unfortunately. EMU reminds you about the important things tactfully and summerizes it.


Summary of the most important from the last week right into your pocket.


Overlooked problematic mood of the colleague? Unsolved problem? Not at all with EMU.